Top 10 Event Components

It’s often been said that “great” events aren’t just organized; they are conceived, designed and expertly orchestrated. From the initial concept or idea right down to the execution and follow-up after, pulling together successful events can be a daunting task, even for the most experienced events person. No matter what the occasion, destination, celebration or cause, it’s always a huge challenge to set any event or function apart from past productions and to ensure it doesn’t simply become another gathering of guests, without impact.

So, what makes a ‘great’ event? What single factor transforms any type of event from ordinary to extra-ordinary? Is it the planning, the destination, the venue, the cuisine, the décor, the budget, the guest list, the media coverage, the entertainment, the production, the team, or any one of a number of other components that determines whether an event is a major success? The answer – there is no ‘single’ factor that will escalate your event to extra-ordinary proportions; but rather, it’s a combination of every single element that is part of the entire event plan that will ensure that your event becomes a hit. Combine these components with a professional planner – and you have a winner!

Since the millennium, companies and organizations have taken giant steps forward with respect to events, mainly because they have come to realize the magnitude of the rewards. Destination sales conferences, conventions and trade shows, and holiday galas and employee appreciation celebrations were events that were reserved for large corporations, usually on an annual basis. Now, these types of business functions are slotted into agendas and business plans of all successful businesses, on a regular basis. These functions, however, only generate positive results when they are expertly designed and managed. To keep results at a maximum and budget at a minimum, many companies are now consolidating their event activities with specific dedicated personnel and contracting outside events professionals.

Here are Grand Productions TOP TEN components of a successful event:

  1. Event Blueprint. This is the basic outline of the event – the concept and the initial vision, or the event plan. Don’t have a reason for an event? Invent one!
  2. Budget. If possible, determine the budget early since it will directly impact most of the other components.
  3. People & Program. How many people will attend and what will take place during the event? This ensures the right services and venue can be selected.
  4. Destination & Venue. Choose a location that excites your attendees and a venue that is professional, reputable and accommodating. Don’t let compromise impact the success of your event.
  5. Theme & Décor. In the events industry, this is the ‘wow’ factor, the first visual for your guests. Ensure your décor is consistent and that it fits your theme.
  6. Suppliers. Any event is only as good as the team that is involved in pulling it together. A/V, entertainment, décor, cuisine, etc. are critical pieces. Always contract reputable suppliers with excellent references, who under-promise and over-deliver.
  7. Production Schedule. A well-defined production schedule that keeps the key players informed is one of the most valuable components of any successful event – large or small. Regular meetings or review of the schedule identifies challenges in advance and allows resolution time.
  8. Itinerary Timing. Keeping things on track is not always easy, but usually possible. Make timing decisions based on the content and know in advance how much leeway there is. Start and finish on time.
  9. Contingency Plan. Being prepared for the ‘what if’ scenario will absolutely make or break an event, but it is the one component most events lack. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that when you are up to your butt in alligators, you should drain the swamp!
  10. Fun. If you are relaxed, cordial, accommodating and easy with your manner, this will have a snowball effect and everyone will have a great time.

To ensure all these components and others are successfully executed, contract the expert services of a reputable events specialist and sit back and enjoy!!